An exciting tour to discover faces and stories of women of the past.
An exciting journey to discover the faces and stories of women driven by the desire for emancipation and freedom, who have contributed decisively to give impulse to the economy of the Umbrian territory. This tour will allow you to discover beautiful places, faces and stories like that of Alice Hallgarten Franchetti, a woman of great culture, tenacity and dedication who, at the beginning of the XXth century at Villa Montese, experimented with innovative teaching initiatives to encourage the education of children of the peasants of the area and thanks to whom Maria Montessori could complete her didactic method. The second part of the tour will be dedicated to the tobacco workers in Città di Castello. Hundreds of women who, thanks to their diligent and hard work, took part in the social and economic history of the city.
Tobacco workers of San Giustino
The story of “Tela Umbra”
Villa Montesca